Greetings, traveler! My name is Steve LaGioia, and I am the author and ring leader of this humble gaming blog. As you've probably guessed, one of my greatest passions is video games. It has been a constant source of digital stimulation and creative inspiration throughout my life. And while up until the last few years of my journey of 3 plus + decades, this passion has been little more than a hobby, I've fairly recently managed to turn this love into something of a career. As a 3D modeler and artist for the independent gaming studio known as Wander Isle, as well as a staff writer for the online gaming publication, New Game Network, I guess you can say I'm fully immersed in the culture of gaming - and been able to look at its unique and intricate ways through a variety of lenses.

With The Warped Zone, my goal is to both entertain and inform you about all things video games through the many bits of gaming knowledge and wisdom I've picked up over the months and years. I hope to do so as thoroughly, yet as plainly as possible. I also seek to separate myself from the crowd of typical online outlets and publications. For my money, this entails a number of attributes and characteristics, which includes - focusing on and celebrating the retro, the indie, and the obscure, rather than exclusively the "AAA," and examining the industry machine through a more critical - and maybe even a cynical eye. I also wish to add a sprinkling of non-gaming features, which will deal with movies, music, and perhaps even some [mostly game related] politics - for no galaxy is without complexity, and I don't intend the digital reaches of The Warped Zone to be any different. So strap yourselves in and get ready for a ride; for you've just stepped into a realm where the normal laws, physics, and conventions of gaming cease to apply. You've just entered The Warped Zone. 
Enjoy your stay!

Stephen LaGioia